Future of this project?

edited June 2013

What is the future of this project? I've been checking back here often for updates and solutions to common syncing issues. Just wondering if I should switch back to straight up core audio or not. I love the ease of this library but without modifying it or getting some updates its unusable in its current state for common mixing based audio applications. Obviously I'm grateful that it even exists in the first place and that its free. Just curious is all.


  • Hi @dsrecordings,

    Why do you ask? The project is very active and I'm (along with others) committing to it very frequently - I'm frankly a little surprised you've gotten the impression it's abandoned! What is unusable? If you have a problem, post a message about it!

    If you've already done so and not had a response yet, please understand that I'm currently on vacation until the 3rd, and other forum participants are often very busy with their own projects - this is free software, so it doesn't carry the same support guarantees that commercial projects might.

  • One other note: If the project is missing features you'd like to see, why not get involved? This is a community project that depends on community support, and we'd be thrilled to see more contributions!

  • As I stated previously I'm obviously grateful for this project and understand that it is free. I did not mean to offend I just noticed 2 key features that have been requested and discussed upon (I myself have also discussed in those posts) never had any solutions.

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