Making a drum pad app using TAAE?

Hello All,

I am looking to make a drum pad app that needs to play .caf files with very low latency.

I need the ability to play the same sample over the top of itself without starting the first instance of the sample from the start. (Does that make sense?)

Is TAAE the correct tool for me? I have had a play around with it for a few hours and I can't seem to get it to allow rapid playback of samples from file.

If anyone can suggest where I start or even if this is the correct way to go I would much appreciate it.

Many Thanks



  • I am answering my own question... :)

    I have found a solution using AEBlockChannel and just setting the start time for each pad hit. Works well.


  • Hi SB,

    Did you end up finishing the implementation? I am working on a drum kit app using TAAE, and a bit unsure as to the best approach.

    My current method is:

    • pre load each of the different drum samples using AEAudioFileLoaderOperation and keep a reference to them
    • when the drum is hit, creating a AEBlockChannel and adding it to the AEAudioController
    • in the AEBlockChannel block, when the sample is over removing the channel

    Did you use a similar approach?

  • @ricsantos,

    I highly recommend making use of the AUSampler within TAAE. Not only is that optimized for playing samples, you can also set each sample's pitch and velocity, via MIDI.

    Are you planning to use TAAE 1 or 2? Also, are you implementing in Objective-C or Swift?

    Take care,

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