Is it possible to stopRecordingAtTime: now after calling stopRecordingAtTime :futureTime

In a test app, this doesn't work (at least the way I structured it). It would be a really nice way to be able set the maximum time for a recording, and get a callback if the recording reaches that time, but also be able to end the recording sooner than that time if the user wants to (and then access that file for playback immediately). Any thoughts / workarounds ?




  • Ah, one solution I just thought of is to keep two recorders, one where stopRecordingAtTime: maxTime is called immediately after beginRecording, and one which either ends when the user presses the record button (or automatically by the callback of the other recorder). Then can use the file from the appropriate recorder.

    (This question pertains to AAE2 - forgot to specify in my initial post)

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