Audiobus and TAAE2


I have TAAE2 running correctly, and integrated audiobus.

When setting up the filter ports I get a crash that the audio unit is nil after passing them AEAudioUnitModule instances that are initialized with a working renderer.

I then logged the audiounits of the running modules, and they are all nil, even though they process audio.

When I create a sender port with an AEAudioUnitOutput's audiounit, the app doesnt crash but there is no audio output.

I am trying to connect the filter ports or sender port with TAAE2 modules, has anyone achieved this or know a better way to get this working?



  • Hey @jarryd,

    ABFilterPorts need you to pass in an IO audio unit, not an AEAudioUnitModule; these are different things. So you'll need to pass in your AEAudioUnitOutput's audio unit for the filter port initialiser.

  • Hi @Michael,

    After some further progress, it seems like the audio unit property is nil on all my modules, even when they are processing audio??

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