TAAE1: createChannelGroup returning NULL ?

Hi !

I am using TAAE1.
My app is sometimes crashing when first trying to set the volume of a group (AEAudioController setVolume:forChannelGroup:)
It seems that the group is NULL or its parent is not found and it crashes with this assert:
NSAssert(parentGroup != NULL, @Channel not found);

A few considerations that can help to spot potential solutions:
-I am starting the AEAudioController (calling start:), after creating all the groups and channels. But this seems ok to me...
-The AEAudioController is NOT initialised in the AppDelegate like in the examples but later, could it be that ?
-I suspect the group to be NULL because this is failing:
AudioUnitSetProperty(kAudioUnitProperty_ElementCount) in: createChannelGroupWithinChannelGroup
but the cause may be from something else.
-Could it be a low RAM issue ?

I don't manage to reproduce it locally (so I can't debug easily), and most of the time everything goes fine. But it happens to many users and I have their crash logs.
Any idea or things to log to understand better ?


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    More details on the topic after more investigation:
    It seems to fail and return NULL instead of a group ref when setting an AU property in AEAudioController createChannelGroupWithinChannelGroup:

    OSStatus result = AudioUnitSetProperty(parentGroup->mixerAudioUnit, kAudioUnitProperty_ElementCount, kAudioUnitScope_Input, 0, &busCount, sizeof(busCount));

    Any idea why this would be returning an error ?
    The channelCount property of parentGroup is 0.

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