TAAE2: Integration with Cocos2D

edited July 2016


I'm very new to this engine and I'm looking only for a couple of thing: playing music, play short effects at collision and changing pitch of all them.

From my previous thread http://forum.theamazingaudioengine.com/discussion/1283/slow-motion-effect-for-sound I realised that I should use TAAE2.

Then I went to the documentation: http://theamazingaudioengine.com/doc2/_the-_buffer-_stack.html#The-Buffer-Stack-Example
But there is not much for the beginners as I can see. Next, I tried to learn something from TAAESample code. AEAudioController class is really complex to my needs.
I tried to clean it, just for loading and playing audio, but I got no success with it...

Currently, I'm using ObjectAL and I have just simple "play" or "pitch" command for audio objects... Basically, I need the same from TAAE2 is just load, play, pitch, pause. ObjectAL performs pitch with distortions..
So, what I'm looking is a simple example of demo project with minimum code of loading and playing, pausing audio and process with new pitch module. Can anybody please help me with it?

With such example I will try to integrate it into my cocos2d game.

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