TAAE2: Migration from TAAE 1 to TAAE2

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Hi @Michael :smile:

Ok, I Started to work on Migrating my Project from TAAE to TAAE2... And I'm so exited I Can't wait for the Documentation, so...

Can I Start Migrating my App to TAAE2 Step by Step? For Example:

Could TAAE1 and TAAE2 live together in the Project? or Will they Collide on classes like the Circular Buffer and so on. And if so, can I Just REMOVE the old classes that collide?

Or Should I Remove TAAE completely and THEN Integrate TAAE2 from scratch and re-build the Audio Manager?

This sounds a bit newbie, but I'm sure this will help a lot of folks like me out There :-)

Thanks, and WAY TO GO ON TAAE2, The Sample App ROCKS! :+1:


  • Hey @Hernan - No, they won't happily exist side-by-side, I'm afraid.

  • Yes @Michael , already noticed that... (the Nasty habit of first asking the Questions and then trying them by myself).

    Anyway, it would be very nice to have some kind of a Simple Migration list... Like for example:

    TAAE -> TAAE2 : Audio Manager Creation, Loops and Sounds initialised, etc... kind of a Before / After thing...

    Although the Sample in the Project is pretty explanatory...

    I Just need to get to it already hehehe :blush:

    Thanks for the Fast reply

  • Following up on the Question (Now that I Actually got Started):

    I Got a Building Error: ....Libraries/TAAE2/TheAmazingAudioEngine/TheAmazingAudioEngine.h:31:9: 'TheAmazingAudioEngine/AEBufferStack.h' file not found

    Now I Know this is is the First import and that the File is There.

    This is maybe caused because I Inserted TAAE II and THEN Removed TAAE I... but I've Cleaned the Project, Removed it from the Build Phases and Added it Again.

    What should I Do? Can Anyone Help me?

    Also, Should TAAE II be Added as a Target Dependency? Or in the Link with Libraries Section?

    Thanks :-)

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    1. Click to select your iOS project in Xcode's Project Navigator.
    2. Click on "Build Settings" in the tab menu.
    3. Enter "header search paths" in the search input field.
    4. Double-click on the Header Search Paths Setting.
    5. Double-click on its multiple values field to the right.
    6. Paste in "$(BUILT_PRODUCTS_DIR)" and select non-recursive in the pull-down menu.
    7. While your project is still selected in the Project Navigator, click to to select "Build Phases."
    8. Within 'Link Binary with Libraries open, click the '+' symbol to add the 'libTheAmazingAudioEngine.a' library to the project.
    9. Build and run your project. Hopefully, the error complaining about the missing AEBufferStack.h will disappear.

    I hope that this helps.

    Take care,

  • Hi @markjeschke :smile:

    First of All, Thanks so Much for Jumping in and Trying to Help.

    I Did as you Said but It didn't fix the Problem. I Added $(BUILT_PRODUCTS_DIR) to My Project Header Search Paths but nothing. Then I Also Added It to the TAAE Project and Finally I Added it to My Target... The Error is Still the Same :-(

    Any other Ideas?

    Really Appreciate this ;-)


  • Well, After doing that I Added the TAAE II both in 'Link Binary with Libraries' AND as a Project Dependency and I Think its working now, or maybe its a Combination of both your Suggestion and Adding it as a Project Dependency

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