AERecorder and TAAE > 1.5

Since upgrading to TAAE 1.5.1 I'm having problems with AERecorder. It worked fine before, but now it produces an empty audio file. On the console I am seeing the below errors. I have tried changing the audio description from nonInterleaved16BitStereoAudioDescription to nonInterleavedFloatStereoAudioDescription but it doesn't make any difference. Some help please?

TPCircularBuffer.c:97: Remap buffer memory: (os/kern) invalid argument
AEMixerBuffer.m:1042: AudioUnitSetProperty(kAudioUnitProperty_StreamFormat): -10868


  • A little bit further debugging shows the following: the crash occurs inside of the AEMixerBuffer setAudioDescription method. The first argument is a AudioStreamBasicDescription struct however all the fields are set to 0 for some reason.

  • That TPCircularBuffer error looks pretty serious - that's probably more indicative that there's a problem. If that's failing then...maybe something to do with word length? Is it a 64-bit build? Can you tell me a bit more about the environment? Can you reproduce this in the sample app at all?

  • This is in the iOS 9 iPad Air 2 Simulator. It's using Standard Architectures (including 64-bit). I tried the sample app and it works. Not sure what the problem is on my app, however:

    The reason for the TPCircularBuffer error is because TPCircularBufferInit is being called with a bufferSize argument of 0.
    That is caused by the audioDescription argument to AEMixerBuffer setAudioDescription having all fields set to 0.
    This is further caused by AERecorder initWithAudioController calling *AEAudioControllerInputAudioDescription(audioController) which returns something with all fields 0.
    If I replace *AEAudioControllerInputAudioDescription(audioController) with AEAudioStreamBasicDescriptionNonInterleaved16BitStereo or some other constant, then the TPCircularBuffer error goes away.

  • Maybe the problem is that AEAudioControllerInputAudioDescription returns a zeroed result since my app is not doing any audio input. The sample app uses AERecorder to do microphone recording so that might be why it works.

  • Aahhhhh!! Good sleuthing. Yeah, that could be a problem. Lemme sort that out.

  • Okay, try this: AERecorder.m:54, add "audioController.inputEnabled &&" to that if statement

  • Yep that fixed it.

  • Great. Committed.

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