iOS 9.2 issues?

I have an app that uses AEBlockChannel.channelWithBlock to read input from the mic, process it, and send it back to the output (44.1 KHz). It was working fine on iOS 9.1 but it's completely broken on iOS 9.2 (with no other code changes). I'm still investigating exactly how it's broken and if there's any way to fix it, but in the meantime I was wondering... Has anyone else encountered problems related to the iOS 9.2 release? Thanks


  • Forgot to mention... The code was on TAAE 1.5.1, and updating to 1.5.5 doesn't fix the problem.

  • Hey @vocaro - no problems that I've noticed on my end so far, in Loopy or Audiobus.

  • The problem has something to do with preferredBufferDuration. I am creating an AEAudioController with both an input and output block that process audio in real time. I set preferredBufferDuration to 0.001. This worked fine through iOS 9.1, but on iOS 9.2, I suddenly get silence on the output channel. Leaving preferredBufferDuration as the default fixes the problem.

    I will continue to investigate, but in the meantime, can you think of any reason why preferredBufferDuration would cause such a problem on iOS 9.2?

  • Increasing the buffer duration to 0.005 also fixes the problem.

    I know that 0.001 gives very low latency but also puts a big strain on the device, especially in multitasking situations. Apparently something changed in iOS 9.2 that makes the strain too much to handle.

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