AEAudioStreamBasicDescriptionInterleaved16BitStereo not working on Mac

I am writing an application that consumes a third party library to apply sound filters. The API assumes 16-bit interleaved stereo input. On iOS I create my AEAudioController With AEAudioStreamBasicDescriptionInterleaved16BitStereo description and then add a block based filter to apply the filter to my channel and everything works fine. But on OSX when I add a channel to my AEAudioController with "AEAudioStreamBasicDescriptionInterleaved16BitStereo" description , the engine logs the following error"AudioUnitSetProperty(kAudioUnitProperty_StreamFormat): -10868". When I change the audioDescription of my audio Controller to "AEAudioStreamBasicDescriptionNonInterleavedFloatStereo" the sound plays perfectly, but then i cannot apply a filter as it is not consistent with API of that filter library.
Can someone please let me know why "AEAudioStreamBasicDescriptionInterleaved16BitStereo" description works on an iOS but not on OS X.

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