NSTimer and Touches event conflict

hi im trying to execute 2 actions on occurrence of their particular events one is the audioplayer occurring when the a timer with fixed interval is fired and other is also a Audioplayer occurring when a touch is detected

both r working fine individually but when simultaneously occurring anyone of the animation slows down .its because in the given time unit is performing only one action. Any help would do. Thanks


  • move the event with the fixed interval to its own thread and use this as timer:


    the syntax for MSWeakTimer works similar to NSTimer, it only expects a thread object where to to dispatch the action event.

  • Thank you I did try it. I recieced improvement when my first loop runs but and adding my second loop it cause latency. I am guessing there should be another way to loop playback of audio files. My original app used OpenAL and I rebuilt it using TAAE but now I am tying to complete my loop method once a use taps a sound pad a number of times it will loop at the certain interval time and repeat then

  • i was able to resolve this issue . @mgill404

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    @CreateLex, I'm curious to know how you resolved it, too. If it's not too much trouble, I encourage you to please share your solution with this forum, especially when you're asking others for their help and time. Other members may have experienced the same problem that you have.

    Thanks in advance,

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