TAAE 1.5.3 (+ 1.5.4)

edited November 2015


I've just released TAAE Version 1.5.3, with a few fixes and a couple of modest new features. Oh, and Apple TV support, thanks to Florian Doyon. Huzzah!

Some notes:

If you're using the "setAudiobusSenderPort" facility, you might want to update, as this addresses a race condition.

Automatic latency management is now enabled by default. If you're doing your own latency stuff, you may want to set "automaticLatencyManagement" to NO, or remove your own implementation.

This update adds AEAudioBufferListCreateOnStack, which is really useful for offsetting AudioBufferLists without modifying the original. This rounds off the total collection of AudioBufferList utilities quite nicely; personally, I use these all the time, and they make my life much easier.
As always, see the full changelog on the project page.


Update: Turns out there was a crash in 1.5.3 when changing the sample rate while using AEPlaythroughChannel. This has been fixed, and released as version 1.5.4

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