Best Practice for classical Instrument / send / bus / effectgroup / master setup

As far as I see, there is no chance to have an instrument (channel) connected to more than one Group.
So how can I group things to get this setup:
Instrument to Group 1
Same Instrument to Group 2
Group 2 has to filters in row
Group 2 and Group 1 mixed to Master Out?

Any Ideas?


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    You could use AEPlaythroughChannel as a splitter:

    self.splitter = [[AEPlaythroughChannel alloc] initWithAudioController:_audioController];
    [_audioController addOutputReceiver:_splitter forChannel:_loop1];
    [_audioController addChannels:@[_splitter]];

    You just need to make sure that the splitter channel is serviced after the original, so that it's actually received the audio in time. That means adding it (and any groups it's in) after adding the original.

    Note that the volume and pan of the original channel won't be reflected in this output, though.

  • thank you - that´s it! great!

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