Newbie loop sync help!

Have spent a couple weeks on this site reading - trying to understand. Very new to objective-C and needless to say new to TAAE. So far I have the engine playing multiple audio files in sync using AEFileLoaderOperation and AEBlockChannel - very happy! Thanks to all involved in developing this kickass engine. The help I need is with regard to looping. I would like to have loop1 playing (looping) - click a button to start playing loop2 but have it only start as loop1 returns to the start of its loop - both loops playing in sync from this point on. Both loops are exactly the same length and the same tempo. Have read through and implemented ideas from BionicLooper. It seems so obvious to me and have probably been staring at it for a week without knowing it. If anyone could give me a hint or point me in the right direction it would be greatly appreciated.


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