Debugging differences on the 6s

Hey all,

Been running into difficulty with the new 6s and TAAE 1.5.2.
Namely with audio receiver blocks processing mic input.

Has anyone else seen discrepancies or worked through them?
What are the big differences to watch for? I thought 1.5.2 was doing all necessary conversions behind the scenes :(


  • What problems are you having, specifically? I'm using 1.5.2 in the latest version of Loopy and I'm not having any particular trouble with my 6S Plus.

    You may see variation in the number of frames coming in (for example, in one time interval you may see 235 frames; in the next you may see 236), but that's to be expected due to the sample rate conversion and the non-integer ratio between 44.1 and 48.

  • Good to know! With my limited knowledge of audio it's been hard for me to debug into the audio processing blocks (for pitch and volume detection) very far. Was hoping there might be a key "gotcha", but let me look at them again knowing that the frame count may change and get post back!

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