TAAE version 1.5.2

Hi again, guys,

Got a new TAAE update for you, version 1.5.2, with a number of refinements and new features.

First of all, it fixes a couple of issues with audio conversion in certain circumstances, addresses some missing cleanup functionality when removing channels or restarting the system, and fixes some minor Audiobus stuff when you've got both receiver and filter ports.

It also adds some measures to detect conflicting versions of TPCircularBuffer in your project, which for a seriously twisted reason can cause crashes (that was a doozy to debug!).

Finally, it adds a new initializer with an options bitmask, and a new feature that makes TAAE always use the hardware sample rate, both thanks to Jonatan Liljedahl.

See the full changelog on the project page.

One final unrelated word about iOS 7 support: unfortunately, I no longer have any devices available to run iOS 7, and having updated to El Capitan, can't even run the iOS 7 simulator any more. Consequently, I can't officially support iOS 7 in TAAE any more, so if you wish to continue support, you'll need to be sure to include iOS 7 testing in your normal testing regime.


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