Buffer cleanup in an AEBlockChannel based sequencer

Hi Michael and all,

I'm working in a sequencer that uses AEBlockChannels and loads a .wav file in each channel with AEAudioFileLoaderOperation. Then I add the channels to my audioController and it plays nicely.

But then I'm not managing to stop the audioController properly. I set
audioController = nil
and clean the buffers with
, but when I init again the audioController (initWithAudioDescription:) it doesn't start playing fresh but at the point it was previously stopped, as if there is still somewhere some buffer alive.

I'm not managing to find out what i'm missing, I'd appreciate so any thought about it.

Thank you Michael for your work, your kindness and your patience.


  • Hey @Jorge - thanks for the kind words =)

    How are you managing the playhead for your channels? It sounds to me like you just need to reset that playhead, maybe.

  • That was it, the playhead. I introduced a variable for channels sync and wasn't resetting it.

    Thank you for your help.

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