Can i make a karaoke app?

i make a karaoke app. it is recording (background video sound in uivew and my voice) together. i make similar with HEADPHONE. After i listen to my record, i cant hear background music (its too low).

for iphone ; mic is a input. my voice output. music output. so 2 output in 1 input and RECORD OK
for headphone; headset mic is a input. my voice output. but music headphones??????. How can i recorded when headphone plug in?

maybe record voice and download video and merge 2 files.


  • Hi @David. You need to play the music audio through TAAE, and capture its output via AERecorder or similar. You won't be able to record the audio output from a video player view.

  • oh ok Michael. Now i want to make record my sound with effect (reverb, echo ex.) And merge two files. (effected audio MP4 and video MP4).
    Can i make ? Maybe writeOffsetSamplesToFile

  • Probably. AVAssetWriter's probably what you want.

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