Upgrade from 1.4.8 to 1.5

Hey all, I recently tried to update from 1.4.8 to 1.5 and had a couple issues that maybe you are familiar with?

I play sound effects in my app using AEAudioFilePlayers, these usually work great, but now if my app updates my AEAudioController to use the mic, like so:

[self.audioController updateWithAudioDescription:[AEAudioController nonInterleaved16BitStereoAudioDescription] inputEnabled:YES useVoiceProcessing:NO outputEnabled:YES]

playing the same sound effects results in a cascade of crashing:

TAAE: AEAudioFilePlayer.m:224: AudioUnitSetProperty(kAudioUnitProperty_ScheduledFileRegion) result -10879 FFFFD581 ˇˇ’Å

I play by sound effects essentially by calling:

sound.currentTime = 0;
sound.channelIsPlaying = YES;

Anyone have a hunch?
Back to 1.4.8 for now!


  • edited September 2015

    May be unrelated but in 1.4.8 I began getting a lot of warnings like this:
    TAAE: AEAudioController.m:653: AudioUnitRender result -10863 FFFFD591 ˇˇ’ë

    Still working on my TAAE debugging skills here.

  • Yuck! So that I can reproduce this on my end, would you modify the sample app to do something similar to what's happening in your app, and post a patch?

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