Apple TV support?

any plans for an Apple TV Support?

it's probably just a few changes...

all the best


  • Hopefully very few changes at all, if any, given that it's basically iOS! I don't see any reason why TAAE shouldn't support tvOS.

  • i sucessfully compiled it. only a few lines to change. there's no audio in at the moment in the tvOS SDK. so i had to disable the audio in request.
    haven't really tested it but i will as soon as i get my Dev Kit.


  • I too was able to compile it, with three changes for tvOS. Maybe this is a good time to figure out how to do a pull request...

    I'm new to TAAE, and I'm trying to do something that's probably far above my skill (so far!), so my first question is:

    I see the docs on multi-channel input support -- should I expect to be able to access multi-channel outputs as well? Essentially I want to "tap into" the stereo signal (likely streaming, not file-based), and "do math" on those, and route the results to the multi-channel HDMI outputs. A custom surround-sound matrix, for example. Is this a crazy project scope for someone new to audio on iOS/tvOS?

  • @notio: Multichannel output is something I intend to add over the next 6 months or so, as I need it for my own project. It's not in there yet, though, and it's quite a complicated procedure to implement it, requiring replacing all the (stereo) multichannel mixers with matrix mixers and rewriting the panning code, among other things.

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    @jpiringer and @notio If you don't mind, would you please share the minor code changes that you made in order for TAAE to work with tvOS?



  • Check out the latest commit - @palad1 has made a pull request with tvOS support. I've not tested this (just looked through and made sure it looked kosher), so would appreciate any feedback.

  • I pod installed the latest commit of TAAE with the following, and deployed it successfully to my Apple TV without a hitch:

    pod 'TheAmazingAudioEngine', :git => '', :commit => 'de49d013e6c06ca28c8be662e8c513b761b84cd4'

    The only warning upon deployment was:

    'kAUVoiceIOProperty_VoiceProcessingQuality' is deprecated: first deprecated in tvOS 7.0

    Thanks, @palad1 for the pull request, and thanks @Michael for committing it!

    Take care,


  • Great!

    I haven't experimented with this at all - what capabilities does this bad boy have? Does recording work?

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