A Sequencer

Hello everyone.

I made a little sequencer in case anyone could use some help on that topic.



  • @palebluedot, Thanks so much for creating and posting this unbelievable sequencer! It works and sounds great! I've been wanting to dive into sequencing with MIDI, but didn't know where to start. This will be helpful resource to learn from. Thanks, again!

  • Thank you for sharing Alejandro, it's great!

    If I might ask you, how would you do to stop and restart it from the first beat? I'm working in a, well, much simpler project, and I'm a bit stucked at restarting the output.

    Thank you!

  • I agree with both of the above, great job! And an extremely good starting point for working with MusicSequences and MusicPlayer.

    @jorge a simple solution would be to just set the playbackPosition to 0 in the stop function. Like this:

    - (void)stop {
        if(!_isPlaying) return;
        _isPlaying = NO;
        [self setPlaybackPosition:0];
  • Thank you @triplej, it works as intended.

    I'll see and adapt a solution like that to my project. I'm working with AEBlockChannels though, and I'm not using timestamps, and I'm starting thinking once I've passed a block for execution there is no way to stop it...

    Thank you for your quick answer.

  • @palebluedot Thank you so much for your great works! :smiley:

  • This looks great. Unfortunately, I can't compile it.

    I tried using pod 'TheAmazingAudioEngine'. That worked OK, but it complained about not finding the 'libTheAmazingAudioEngine.a' file.

    I compiled TAAE hoping to find the .a file, but all I could find for output was the 'podspec' file.

    Can anyone help??

    Thanks to all of you for the great work and help.


  • Update... I know... RTFM :)
    I think I just have to add 'TheAmazingAudioEngine' code manually. The cocoa pod approach didn't seem to work.

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