Licence for TPPreciseTimer

I want to release a new component that uses your TPPreciseTimer class.
Since it's not on cocoapods, I can't use it as a cocoapod dependency.

What is the license for the file - can I include the file with MY library's file?


  • Go right ahead - consider it Zlib-licensed (just like TAAE).

    Note that if timing's important, particularly if you're working with audio, then in general I'd recommend a different approach. Use audio timestamps and trigger actions from the audio thread (which means you can be sample-accurate).

    For an example: In Loopy, the tracks are actually always recording, into a short buffer. When a track starts actually recording, after a count-in, it knows the audio timestamp that corresponds to the count-in point, and just grabs audio from that point on, no timer required and it's perfectly accurate.

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