Can't set AudioBufferList data from within Swift

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There seems to be no known way to set the data within an AudioBufferList in swift.
Any ideas anyone?

Let's take some objective-c code from AERecorder.m for example:

UInt32 bufferLength = kProcessChunkSize;
for ( int i=0; i<THIS->_buffer->mNumberBuffers; i++ ) {
    THIS->_buffer->mBuffers[i].mData = NULL;
    THIS->_buffer->mBuffers[i].mDataByteSize = 0;


You can't recreate the above code in swift.

It is possible to GET the mData and mDataByteSize though. Just not SET it.


var _buffer: UnsafeMutablePointer<AudioBufferList> = AEAllocateAndInitAudioBufferList(kAudioDescription, 0)

let buffers = UnsafeBufferPointer<AudioBuffer>(start: &_buffer.memory.mBuffers,
    count: Int(_buffer.memory.mNumberBuffers))
for buf in buffers {
    var a = buf.mData
    var b = buf.mDataByteSize


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    This is the unabridged (auto-generated?) code in ObjC->Swift Bridging File in XCode

    struct AudioBufferList {
    var mNumberBuffers: UInt32
    var mBuffers: (AudioBuffer) // this is a variable length array of mNumberBuffers elements
    init(mNumberBuffers: UInt32, mBuffers: (AudioBuffer))
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