Analytics + Music Apps: yay or nay?

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Hey guys,

Developer of Arpeggionome here ( I'm about to release a new app and I'm considering adding analytics. I've been against this for a while though. Mostly because I'm hesitant to add any extra frameworks to my apps — especially frameworks that can connect to the outside world at any moment.

So I'm curious, do you use analytics in your apps? If so, which services would you recommend?

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  • @alexandernaut,

    In case you're unaware of this, Apple now automatically adds analytics to your app without your needing to do anything to your current app–no addition implementation or frameworks. The only restriction is, this is for iOS 8 installs and above. So, your iOS 6 or 7 users won't be accounted for.

    Just select App Analytics within iTunesConnect, and you should be able to see:

    1. App Store Product Page Views
    2. Marketing Campaigns
    3. Segment by Download Date
    4. User Engagement
    5. Crashes
    6. Installation Data
    7. Sessions Data
    8. Active Devices
    9. Paying Users
    10. Web Traffic

    Check out the WWDC15 video on Getting the Most Out of App Analytics:

    But, if you wish to obtain more specific info such as how often the user accesses a particular screen or taps a button action, you'll want to go with something like Flurry or Google Analytics. You can always display a popup alert upon initial launch, asking the user for permission to send anonymous analytics data that can help you make your app the best experience possible. Google actually suggests that you do that when using Google Analytics, although I rarely see any apps do this. More often than not, I'll receive an alert upon launch (IK Multimedia, cough), asking me to rate and review the app, before I've even had a chance to use it.

    Some apps add a way to disable analytics (AKA Usage Data) in the iOS Settings, such as Figure, Take, Clear, LaunchPad, and DrumKick. I'm sure that there are some apps that collect usage data, and simply don't bother to mention it at all–anywhere!

    You can also limit the amount of data you wish to collect, rather than attempting to capture every possible tap. Analytics can help you determine whether a feature is being utilized and how often. If no one seems to be using portions of your app, you may want to consider dropping them.

    Anyway, I'm not sure if this helped. Please let me know if you have any questions.

    Take care,


  • Ahhh, can't believe I didn't know about the built-in App Analytics. I guess this is what happens when you only update your apps once a year... Thanks so much for the detailed response :]

  • I'm glad that I could help.

  • I've been really impressed with Twitter's Fabric service. It provides me with crash logging (emails me within a minute of a new kind of crash), and their new Answers service makes it dead simple to add and track custom trends like "number of tracks created today."

    Google Analytics was a bit too customizable and overwhelming for my taste.

  • @warpling, I've never heard of Twitter's Fabric service. I'll look into it. Thanks for sharing.

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    @warpling, thanks as well. You're the second person to recommend Fabric for crash reports. I'll definitely look into it.

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