two questions regarding TAAE AEAudioFilePlayer.

What is the best way to add reverb / delay effect with trail when channel stops playing? I know how to add effect and it works, however it stops when channel stops. I found a workaround on this forum however it uses too much memory/CPU and i don't like it. :)

What is the best way yo play several AEAudioFilePlayer players simultaneously - at precise same time? Something like AVAudioPlayer playAtTime method.

Thank you very much.

Regards, Grega


  • One thing that worked for me was to add the effect to the top of the tree, i.e.

    [audioController addFilter:myDelayEffect]

    This kind of effects need data to be fed in order to produce their "tail". The top seems to be receiving silence even when no channels are playing (and as long as the controller is running).

  • @GregorKrasevec,

    Here's another solution for adding a reverb/delay effect to a specific group channel:


    What is the workaround that you had found?



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    @crontab, The only issue that I've experienced with adding the effect to the top of the tree, rather than a group channel, is that if you record an audio file using AERecorder and play it back via AEAudioFilePlayer, the effect will essentially be applied twice. That is, if you capture the initial audio effects into the recorded file. But, perhaps, that's not a concern?

  • Hi guys,

    thanks for the answers.
    Mark (markjeschke): i found almost the same workaround as you but i got some errors at runtime. Maybe i did something wrong. Will try again and see if the problem was on my side. :)


  • Hi again,

    just tested something and found the problem i was talking about before. I have for example 16 players and i would like to create one group for each player (which means 16 groups). If i do that i get an error: Update graph result -10861 FFFFD593 ˇˇ’ì


  • Found it. :)
    I was adding channel to audio controller top level and to a group at the same time.

  • I'm glad to hear that you were able to fix the problem.

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