malloc: incorrect checksum for freed object

Hi all,

I've been loving and using TAAE's AEBlockAudioReceiver to calculate/monitor mic levels.
I recently added OpenEars to my app so that another part of my app could do voice recognition.

Generally the two work as long as I stop one before starting the other, but sometimes starting TAAE after stopping OpenEars results in a strange malloc error. I've reduced the problem to it's core, made it fairly reproducible, and documented the problem further here:

(I've also x-posted the problem to the OpenEars forum:

If you could give the demo project a run and have any insights I would hugely appreciate it!


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    Michael saved me! Silly C… on line 107 I was using mBytesPerFrame for a size when I should have been using sizeof(float). Accessing out of bounds memory causes strange errors my friends.

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