How can I change the Music Note(audio file) to right pitch?

edited June 2015

For example:

file - C3.wav

I wanna play the note C3 to D3. And to Higher or lower. (I plan to make a music keyboard by The Amazing)

My code:
AudioUnitSetParameter(_pitch.audioUnit, kAudioUnitScope_Global, 0, kVarispeedParam_PlaybackRate, 1.40, 0);

How can I change the pitch to right note?

Sorry for my poor English :p Somebody hlep~~

by the way, when my code is runing, here are some log like this, what's that meaning?

2015-06-28 00:28:55.028 TheEngineSample[23125:509616] TAAE: AEAudioController.m:642: AudioUnitRender result -10863


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