Video recording using this engine

I'm using this library for recording mic and mp3 playback inputs.
Of course, it works well.

When I try to capture video, how can I use this output as input of video capture?
I don't know how it connects.

Please comment it. Thanks.


  • that's also the question, I want to ask

  • I'm currently doing this in my app. I record the audio using AERecorder and record the video using AVAssetWriter. When the recording is finished, join the audio and video files together in an AVMutableComposition using the pass through preset. This will simply join the audio and video into a single movie file without the need to transcode or render.

  • @johnnyclem Use AVAssetWriterInput to add audio stream at the same time as the video input. No need to do it in 2 separate steps.

  • @Planetpjs I attempted this today and am not getting called by the sampleBufferDelegate for audio samples. I know the audio is coming in because my VU meters are still working, but I must be missing a step that pipes the TAEE output to the sample buffer delegate

    Any advice / code samples you could point me to?

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