Realtime redirect microphone to external speakers connected to a bluetooth receiver: possible?

edited April 2013

I need to create a PA system app, simulating a megaphone.
We connect an external microphone to the iphone jack.
We must be able to speak into this external microphone and in realtime redirect the voice to an external speaker connected to a bluetooth receiver.
The usage is similar to that of a megaphone or a TA System made with an iPhone, with external microphone and external bluetooth speakers.
Is it possible ?


  • You can try this out with the sample app included in the distribution, as it has playthrough/monitoring capabilities.

  • Hi Michael!
    I used the sample app, but I don't know how to redirect the output to bluetooth.
    Do I have to add a MPVolumeView class with showsRouteButton on, or is there any other way to redirect it without using the Media Player Framework ?

  • Did you find decision?

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