Progress on matrix mixer & Apogee Duet

edited October 2014

Hey - I saw some year-old threads regarding work on a matrix mixer. Is that close to completion? I'm hoping to integrate the Apogee Duet with 6 potential outputs.



  • I can't find any threads on matrix mixers, could you point them out?

    There's already a matrix mixer audio unit that you could use with AEAudioUnitChannel, although it's not obvious how to use it. Read a tutorial on it beforehand, if you forget to set a property then you'll get absolutely no sound.

  • Here's the thread @mhart was referring to:

    Nope, no progress at all sadly, but I'm nearly at the point where I'm planning on looking into this again.

  • Just released Playback 3.0 in the App Store -- uses TAAE but overrides it's MCMX to use a Matrix Mixer AudioUnit and supports lots of devices, including the Duet, Scarlett, various PreSonus devices -- pretty much anything you can plug in it'll detect and use all of its channels.

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