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Hi! I'm relatively new to iOS, and I've only ever developed with ARC and using the built-in libraries. All the linking and monkeying around with reference counting is confusing me, but I'd really like to try out this engine. Can someone walk me through the beginning steps in a little more detail than the "Getting Started" page?

(the two parts that are getting me stuck are these)
"If you're including source files directly within your ARC-enabled project, please note: The Amazing Audio Engine does not use ARC. Why? Because its origins are pre-ARC, and because much of The Engine is written in C for performance reasons so there isn't a great benefit from porting to ARC. This means if you include the source files of The Amazing Audio Engine directly into your ARC-enabled project, you'll need to add the -fno-objc-arc flag to the build parameters for each source file."

How??? is this in XCode or the Command Line or what?

"To begin, create a new instance of AEAudioController in an appropriate location, such as within your app delegate:"

Don't know how to use the app delegate. I put it in the prefabbed Supporting Files directory every time and don't touch it. I hear it was a lot more relevant in the iOS4 days but that it was de-emphasized in iOS5. I tried to add it to my ViewController as a property, but the compiler complained that it didn't recognize the type "AEAudioController"

Any help would be really appreciated!


  • Hey @captainKirkby!

    I've revised the instructions a little:'ll need to add the -fno-objc-arc flag to the build parameters for each source file, which you can do by opening the "Build Phases" tab of your app target, opening the "Compile Sources" section, and double-clicking in the "Compiler Flags" column of the relevant source files.

    The app delegate is just another source file that is created automatically with each new project. Take a look at the sample app's app delegate for details.

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