edited March 2013

... does this mean we can now use any Audio Unit, NOT JUST the usual IOS suspects ( like stated here ) ?

Thank you and greetings from Berlin


  • I'm afraid not, @Contexter - we're still stuck with what's available on iOS (it's mostly because iOS apps don't do dynamic linking aside from the system libs, I guess)!

  • Gosch, I'm fed up with "marketing" . Let's get back to sound design (and change platform if necessary) ...

  • Ah, well, in Apple's defence they can't maintain control (and security, they would argue) of the platform if folks can bring in executable code whenever they like =)

  • Do you think something like Plogue's Bidule is going to happen on the IPad , a nice modular OpenGL ES based Patchbay , more of a mind map less of a sound graph ? Why not make audiobus kind of draggable ?

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