Is this feasible with Amazing Audio Engine?

edited March 2013

First off, I want to thank the creator of the Amazing Audio Engine. It looks like a cool framework with a lot of capabilities. Looking forward to getting my hands dirty with it. I was wondering if the following is possible with the framework:

I'm trying to have one device encrypt a code, say "123456", generate a sound using this code and have another ios device receive this sound and decipher this code. Is this possible with this framework?

Example sequence
1) User creates a code: ie.123456
2) First App generates a sound based on this unique code
3) Second App hears this sound
4) Second app deciphers the sound
5) Second app prints out the text of the code that it receives via this sound

Any ideas if this is feasible? And if so, how I could go around doing this?

Much appreciated!


  • What you are describing -is- feasible with any audio engine. The part of your problem that you will need to design on your own is how to encode your 'user codes' in a way that can transcend sample rate and bit depth conversions. That is the main problem and is way beyond the scope (or rather not part of any scope) for Amazing Audio Engine... unless Michael is up to something else very interesting ;)

    My suggestion would be to use Core MIDI. It it much easier to use between devices, over a network, and you can deliver encrypted packets of your own design via Sysex.

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