Using TPCircularBuffer

edited March 2013

Hi there,

Since TPCircularBuffer is included in the TAE library it makes sense to use that one, instead of adding the files seperately to a project. However my project refuses to link because it can't find TPCircularBuffer symbols.
I just added the TAE .xcodeproj to my project, and added the TAE "TheAmazingAudioEngine" folder as a header path.

So how can I use the TAE included TPCIrcularBuffer module?


  • Actually, you don't - the easiest way is to add it separately. The reason is because the symbols are renamed as part of the build process in order to avoid namespace clashes if you already have TPCircularBuffer in the project.

    So the easiest way is to simply ignore the fact that it's in there, and add a separate version.

    If you really do want to use the version built into the lib, then remove the symbol rename stuff from the build settings.

  • That was obvious as soon you wrote "symbol rename". :-)
    Thanks Michael!

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