Bass processing

edited July 2013

Dear "Amazing Audio Engine",

I've spent the last 2 days looking at your framework and first of all, big kudo's, this is some impressing stuff.
But due to my lack of knowledge about anything about sound I had no other choice but to come to ask the real experts here. I've been doing business iOS apps for the last 3 years and done some really great projects, but Audio is just way above my head. All I wanted to do was develop an Low-bass filter etc, so I can just listen to microphone or straight input and just get some "readable" values for using in an app. So I did the entire Audio Controller setup and some blockfilters, but that's about where my knowledge stops for processing Audio, I first started looking at NVDSP, which looked pretty straight forward for this task (which can be found here ->
But I came across this and wanted to give this a whirl, i'm eager to learn, so if anyone could shed some light?

Kind regards, Thijs


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