Reusing An existing Channel

edited June 2013

Hi guys, im new to the Amazing Audio Engine. im porting over a Drum machine project which was based in open AL, to use the amazing Audio Engine.

I've a bit of a newbie question. I've worked through the included "EngineSample" project example, but im a little confused as to how to replay an audiofile using AEAudioFilePlayer through a channel that has been created already. ie, the sound been played already

Looking at the "EngineSample" project, included with the engine, a file is loaded, and added to a Channel for it to play. In this project, its removed from the channel again once its finished playing, or if the button is pressed again. Then the whole process repeats when you want to play the sound again

Is there any way to say, right i've opened/used a channel already, and i want to use it again (in code terms lol) As at the minute, in removing it and add to the channel constantly in my app after a short while of drumpad bashing, i get the error....

"AEAudioController.m:1053: Update graph result -10861 FFFFD593 ˇˇ’ì"

Not sure im if im understanding how this works right. Any ideas or tips would be most grateful


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