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I'm trying to understand the pan property in the AEAudioPlayable protocol. I have created two AEPlaythroughChannel instances and then assign the pan property of one of them to -1.0 and the other gets 1.0. This works as expected one channel is only in the left channel and one is only in the right. The issue is how to change those values and have the output be correct. If I have a slider and change the pan value from -1.0 to 1.0 the channel does not go from the left to the right, it gets stuck in the middle. What am I missing?




  • Hey Eric - if you can replicate the problem using the sample app (with the addition of a little code to apply the pan stuff), I'd love to see a new issue registered on the github issue tracker, with the sample code.

  • I see that I need to update to the current version of TAAE first. I'll report back.



  • Michael,

    I have modified the sample app to demonstrate the issue I'm seeing with panning of channels. How do I open an issue and give you the code? Do I just put a link to my version of the app in the comments of the issue? There isn't an attachment facility other than images. I guess I'm a serious newbie for this. Would you rather I just post it here?



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    I added an issue on github and have a link to the sample app. Here's the full text of the issue:

    "Setting the pan property on a channel does not work as expected. (With code example)

    The AEAudioPlayable protocol has an attribute named pan. If this is set to -1.0 or 1.0 at the time a channel is created then the channel will be on the full left or right output. However, if the value is set later while the app is running the expected behavior is not seen.

    Here is the TAAE example that has been modified to demonstrate the issue.

    The app was modified to add a new slider in the table view and code was added to the ViewController.m file. All added code has been marked with a comment line that starts with // EJK: and has detailed explanations.

    Either the code is not behaving as expected or I am not understanding how the pan property is supposed to work."

    UPDATE: Link now works. Sorry about that. -Eric

  • It appears that I did not change the sample code correctly. I will attempt to create another sample to demonstrate this or I will fix my bug. Either way I'll report back. Consider this thread closed.


  • I figured what I was doing wrong, it was my problem with some hardware. The issue over on github should be closed and I'm sorry to have wasted your time.


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