AEAudioFileWriterAddAudio linker error

edited May 2013

Trying to use AEAudioFileWriterAddAudio. I set up AEAudioFileWriter no problem, but my call to AEAudioFileWriterAddAudio results in a linker error which describes the location of the call to AEAudioFileWriterAddAudio:

ld: '-[DJZAudioGraph audioBlockChannel]' in /Users/ilias/Library/Developer/Xcode/DerivedData/Crossfader-calzdejhyzjpdkfrwohcbmhejgsj/Build/Intermediates/ contains undefined reference for architecture armv7

I tried namespacing it in various ways like AEAudioFileWriter::AEAudioFileWriterAddAudio but had no success getting it to compile.

Since I got a different linker error trying to use AERecorder (see, looks like I have to resort to using Core Audio directly for now! Too bad--I would greatly appreciate help getting either of these methods to work


  • I've just had an idea - try using the latest version (SHA 62f41ee5)

  • That did it for me, Michael! Curiously I got AEAudioFileWriter to work but not AERecorder (see other thread).

    Again, thanks for all of your effort developing and supporting TAAE. We really appreciate it :) Looking forward to to taking advantage of TAAE more as I have time to familiarize myself with it--already got rid of a lot of boilerplate!

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