How to route to speaker

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I just use sample with PlayThroughChannel, when I plug my headphone in, it work fine.
But right after I unplug my headphone, then it will fail ( a strange, loud sound will be played instead of my voice).

Here is log:

2013-05-27 23:16:22.458 LearnCoreAudioUnit[5620:907] TAAE: Setting audio session category to PlayAndRecord
2013-05-27 23:16:22.546 LearnCoreAudioUnit[5620:907] TAAE: Audio session initialized (input available, audio route 'SpeakerAndMicrophone')
2013-05-27 23:16:22.578 LearnCoreAudioUnit[5620:907] TAAE: Input status updated (1 channel, non-interleaved)
2013-05-27 23:16:22.587 LearnCoreAudioUnit[5620:907] TAAE: Engine setup
2013-05-27 23:16:22.593 LearnCoreAudioUnit[5620:907] TAAE: Starting Engine
2013-05-27 23:16:22.865 LearnCoreAudioUnit[5620:907] TAAE: Changed audio route to SpeakerAndMicrophone

Should I set any other config to route to speaker ?



  • Hi @zkidkid - it sounds like something's off with your audio system. Have you tried rebooting your device?

  • Hi Michael,
    I have rebooted many time. And I have tried with other application and it work well.
    I have tried to run example (AEAudioPlayThroughChannel) and it also not work with speaker.

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