Insert 3rdparty AUNode as input channel

edited November 2016


I'm attempting to add audio coming from third party audio node as a channel prior to a filter in a AEAudioController. This is the override I'm using;

connectOutputBus:(UInt32)sourceOutputBusNumber ofNode:(AUNode)sourceNode toInputBus:(UInt32)destinationInputBusNumber ofNode:(AUNode)destinationNode inGraph:(AUGraph)graph

I'll happily admit I'm very new to audio programming, and unfortunately I won't be able to do major refactoring - but I was hoping there was a convenient way to achieve this. From what I can see, AEAudioUnitChannel doesn't allow this but will instead create a Audio Unit in the audio controller's graph. Adding the AUNode to the audio controller's graph also seems to fail. Is there an obvious solution to this which I'm unable to see? Any hints appreciated!

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