Playing several audio files at precise same time with short interval

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I'm trying to build a sequencer and been stuck for days with this problem.
I have a button OR a timer where I would fire :

  • amen is a long kick bass
    -and clap is a short clap
    both in a mixerModule

                   _amen.currentTime = 0;
                    _clap.currentTime = 0;
                   [_amen playAtTime:AETimeStampWithHostTicks(0)];
                    [_clap playAtTime:AETimeStampWithHostTicks(0)];

    at first it fires perfectly in sync ,but when I fire again while the samples are still playing, there's a small delay when the longest sample fire even though i set the currentTime to 0...

what to do?

Note: If I fire them and then when they're done playing and i fire again it does play in sync. So i dont think is the timer or button

I hope i explain myself


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    -using simulator instead of the actual device

    I discover that the sample was being fired at negative values(before) mmm
    i get negative values for currentTime :-0.019906
    dont know what to do

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    I think I found a glitch,
    when I use AEModuleProcess(mixer, context);
    by itself i get the ugly delay

    but when i use the renderer block

    AEModuleProcess(_clap, context); AEModuleProcess(_kick, context); AEModuleProcess(_bassSample, context); // Run all the players, though the mixer AEModuleProcess(mixer, context);

    and play all 3 it removes the delay a little bit

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