1 button and 2 action?

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i want to add an echo effect with a button. if selected then add effect and button' background will be red and deselect remove effect and button background will be normally.

help me please...

i will use this only realtime not use any audio file. just listen my effected voice from headphone. thanks....


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    @david, when you say echo, do you mean "delay" or "reverb?" Are you planning to use Swift and TAAE2?

    Have you already attempted to implement this logic and functionality, but to no avail? Do you have any code that you'd be willing to share?

    If you don't know where to begin, what if you were to create a 'delayEnabled' boolean property and set its value to 'false' when your audio controller gets initialized?

    On the button action, you could say:

    For TAAE2:
    On tap down, if 'delayEnabled' is true, set delay.wetDry (double) = 0.0 to turn the delay effect off. Otherwise, if it is false, set it to 1.0 to turn the effect on.

    For TAAE1:
    Use delay.bypassed = true to turn the effect off, and false to turn it off.

    Also, be sure to update the 'delayEnabled' boolean to true or false to reflect the delay effect's current state.

    I hope that this helps.

    Take care,

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