Offline recording using TAAE1

Hi All,

I am new to TAAE.
Using TAAE1, I can use AEAudioController with AEAudioFilePlayer as channel and AENewTimePitchFilter as filter in order to play audio with effect.
But I want to record the audio with effect to a new audio file without to wait for playing for the whole audio, is there any way to do this?

In my understanding, AERecorder in TAAE1 only able to record as long as the playing of the audio.
Or I need to look for TAAE2 (using AEAudioFileOutput)?

Thanks for helping.


  • Hi, unfortunately neither TAAE1 or TAAE2 support offline rendering. I would check out AVFoundation - you could apply the effect (possible via AVMutableAudioMix) to an audio track in an AVMutableComposition, then export the composition to a file.

  • Oh man, I lied, sorry about that. I guess you can potentially do this with AEAudioFileOutput.

  • @Roytornado This is really straightforward with TAAE2 using the AEAudioFileOutput as cgmaier mentioned (maybe possible to roll your own with TAAE1 but I would avoid re-inventing the wheel in this case). There are some examples of the implementation in this forum for instance

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