TAAE2: Composite modules

I'd like to create a composite module - a Track module composed of an AUSampler chained into multiple effect modules. I'm not sure the best way to do this.

My first approach was to create a renderer within my Track class, create all my submodules referencing that renderer with a render block that processes them, and then using AERendererRun in my main output render block to render each Track into a stack buffer.

Another approach I've been thinking about, however, is making Track a subclass of AEModule, create all the submodules attached to the passed-in renderer, and overriding setRenderer: to update the renderer of each submodule. Does that seem like the best way to approach things?


  • This is quite close to what I'm doing myself - the way to go is to subclass AEModule, I'd say. Both are valid approaches though (I'm actually using both, myself - I have a 'session renderer' AERenderer subclass for top-level project playback, each of which then calls AEModule subclasses for each track within the project).

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