Considering using The Amazing Audio Engine? Stop and read this first.

What TAAE Is, And Who It's For

TAAE comprises an infrastructure and a variety of utilities that make it easier to focus on the core tasks of generating and working with audio, without spending time writing boilerplate code and reinventing the wheel. Most of the common tasks are taken care of, so you can get straight to the good stuff: no friction.

If you're writing code that directly generates or processes audio on the audio thread - and you know what the audio thread is, and what it does - TAAE may be for you.

What TAAE Isn't

TAAE is not a comprehensive audio processing library where all the work is already done for you, and it's not necessarily a suitable choice for those just starting out with audio, or for those with very simple needs.

With TAAE, you're going to write code that runs on the audio thread; it gives you great power, but that comes with certain important responsibilities.

If you don't know or aren't keen on finding out what the audio thread is, what 'realtime' means, what an AudioBufferList is or how to handle lock-free concurrency, or if you want a library that consists of pre-built pieces you can just fit together, then I strongly recommend checking out AudioKit, a powerful audio synthesis, processing, and analysis library without the steep learning curve.

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