Why doesn't the bandpass filter need to be a Managed Value?


So I'm still wrapping my head around render thread management and AEMAnagedValue(s) and I was wondering why in the youtube video it was safe to update the bandpass middle frequency from the main thread but playing and stopping the file players needs to be done using the managed values? Would it be safer to use a Managed Value for the bandpass?

Thanks :)


  • Hey @Connorrr =) That's because that's just a scalar parameter value - no need for any cleanup of the old value or anything. AEManagedValue is primarily useful for cases where you're updating object or structure values, where it's important that you don't deallocate any objects/memory until the realtime thread's done accessing the old value. There's no point using an AEManagedValue for a scalar (i.e. not an object or a memory buffer), precisely because it's a scalar.

  • Thanks so much @Michael !

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