Swift version help

I used TAAE in my swift project. I have tried from objective c coding convert to swift coding but I encountered some issue.
First Issue:
let documentsFolder = NSSearchPathForDirectoriesInDomains(.DocumentDirectory, .UserDomainMask, true)[0] as NSString
let soundFilePath = documentsFolder.stringByAppendingPathComponent("sound.m4a")

player = try! AEAudioFilePlayer(URL: NSURL(fileURLWithPath: soundFilePath))

player.removeUponFinish = true
weak var weakSelf = self
self.player.completionBlock = {() -> Void in
// no running <- problem
weakSelf?.player = nil


Second Issue:
**let reverb = AEReverbFilter()
reverb.dryWetMix = 80

// no added filter <- problem
print(audio.filters()) // empty array**

Someone can help??

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