TAAE2: question about AEBufferStackPushWith 2 Channels

edited July 2016

Hi @Michael !

Previously, my app run OK with TAAE1, now I am switch to use TAAE2.

I use this method to get buffer list;
const AudioBufferList * abl = AEBufferStackPushWithChannels(context->stack, 1, 2)

then I got a

  • bufferList that contain 2 buffers (abl->mNumberBuffers return 2)
  • and each buffer has one channel (abl->mBuffers[0].mNumberChannels return 1)

Because my old code do work with audiobufferlist with one buffer and 2 channels inside it.

How can I get the AudioBufferList that contains 1 buffer and inside it, there are 2 channels?

thanks !


  • Hi @sirenseavn - that's because TAAE2 works with noninterleaved floating-point audio only. Looks like you were working with an interleaved format. My suggestion: either starting using noninterleaved, or switch to AudioKit, which is simpler to work with.

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