Any plans to add Carthage support?

Do you plan to add Carthage support for TAAE2? I know you said you'd add CocoaPods support, but I (and I'm sure many others) much prefer Carthage over CocoaPods.

Is there any reason this wouldn't be simple? I could give it a go if you don't have the time?


  • It looks like all that would be required would be to add a framework to the project - shouldn't be too difficult I'd guess

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    Please disregard that last post. I misunderstood your question about Carthage support, and I can't delete this entry. Both Carthage and CocoaPods support for TAAE2 would be welcome addition.

  • No, not right now; I'm not ready to "release" TAAE 2 just yet, but when I am, I'll be happy to do that.

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