TAAE2 & Filter

How can I get audio data from TAAE2 to apply my filter? In TAAE1 I get audio data lef + right through AudioBufferList. Pleas help me conver TAAE1 to TAAE2.

  • (void)equalizerSwitchChanged:(UISwitch)sender {
    self.reverbBlock = [AEBlockFilter filterWithBlock:^(AEAudioControllerFilterProducer producer,
    void *producerToken,
    const AudioTimeStamp *time,
    UInt32 frames,
    AudioBufferList *audio) {
    // Pull audio
    OSStatus status = producer(producerToken, audio, &frames);
    if ( status != noErr ) return;
    // Run equalizer on both channel
    processBufferStereo(&equalizer, (float
    )audio->mBuffers[0].mData, (float)audio->mBuffers[1].mData, (float)audio->mBuffers[0].mData, (float*)audio->mBuffers[1].mData, frames);
    } }];
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